What is a European Facial?

When a client books a facial for the first time, there can be a lot of questions.  What kind?  How Long?  What all is involved?  Are there any add-ones? Do you do extractions? The list could go on…

I tell every single client that no two facials are the same.  In the case of European Facials this is especially true.  Widely famous as the type facial that ‘has steam,’ European facials have much more to offer… 

A classic European Facial is an experience all on it’s own.  

Typically, it’s an hour or longer facial that focuses on gentle cleansing and exfoliation of your face and neck.  During the service, a series of treatments - steaming, exfoliation, massaging and masking -  are combined to be as relaxing as it is aesthetically effective.  What’s more, is that this type of facial is highly customizable, which makes it beneficial for all skin types.

The facial will always begin with a gentle cleanse and a skin analysis.  This is an important step, as the esthetician can identify areas of concern and choose appropriate products.  The specific series of treatments will be determined and carried out depending on your skins current condition.  

For instance, if the pores are congested or if blemishes are an issue, extractions might be performed.  If, aging skin and a dull complexion is the problem, then additional exfoliation should be offered and more massage applied.  No matter the conditions present, this kind of facial allows time to be taken to truly assess and treat the skin of each client uniquely.

Towards the end of the facial, the esthetician should provide you some education.  This is vital.  This advice will help you maintain your, now glowing, complexion at home.   You might discuss your current skin care regimen further and make targeted changes so that it serves you better.  New or different products are often recommended, in addition to a care plan for regular facial treatments. 

As far as benefits go, European facials yield immediate results.  

A European Facial involves a good deal of massage and that activates your sympathetic nervous system, giving you the feeling of immediate relief.  Simultaneously, facial  tension is reduced and blood circulation improved.   Your skin will look smoother and more radiant because pores are unclogged and the skin is deeply cleansed.  The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles should be minimized, along with blemishes and inflammation.

The European facial is quickly becoming a popular service in the spa industry and once you experience your own, you will understand why.  

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