Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits , A Medical Perspective

A Deep Tissue Massage is the type of massage therapy that uses slow, deep strokes to apply sustained pressure to the body.  The goal of this type of therapy is penetrate more deeply, targeting the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissue, nerves and even bones.  

The most evident physical benefit of Deep Tissue Massage is the deep release of pressure and tension in the body.  This release can ease a multitude of issues and can have a positive effect on the entire body and its systems.

To begin with, massage in general is a very calming experience that leaves the client feeling more relaxed.  This is because massage can reduce strain on the nervous system and help regulate involuntary processes heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. This is important during any massage but especially during a Deep Tissue Massage because when the client relaxes their body, the massage therapist can apply pressure more consistently and at a greater depth.  When pressure can be applied directly and firmly to muscle adhesions (knots), tension will significantly be reduced or eradicated. 

Deep Tissue Massage is specifically effective when it comes to pain reduction and increased flexibility.  The key to this largely lies in superficial layer of body tissue that can be found closest to the surface of the dermis.  This is where all the connective tissues and superficial fascia are located.  When tension is reduced, through a Deep Tissue Massage, in this layer it has a residual effect that penetrates deeper, lowering whole body inflammation and reducing impingement of peripheral nerves.  This means less pain and pain reduction in muscles, nerves, and joints.  

Deeper yet, massage has the power to enhance circulation.  A properly functioning circulatory system is pivotal to good health.  This ensures that blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout the body, carrying nutrients into the cells and remove waste. This uptake in circulation helps your muscles by releasing toxins and increasing nutrient supply.  Your bone health will be better too, as blood supply to joints and cartilage is improved.  

What’s even more, Deep Tissue Massage can help your body on a visceral level by improving organ function.  For instance, massage can help increase metabolism in the lungs which, in turn, promotes optimal breathing.  

The benefits of massage and more specifically, Deep Tissue Massage, are endless.  Narrowing the scope, the combination of improving function of body systems and reducing total body tension is what makes Deep Tissue Massage so effective.  

This all leads to

  • increased flexibility
  • posture improvements
  • restoration of muscle balance

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